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How to choose the right auto repair shop

So why is when our cars need tune-ups we are so willing to send them into the unknown? We’ve compiled just a few things that should help ease your worry and make you more confident in deciding the right auto shop!

Call Around

If the mechanic answering the phone won’t give you the time of day, speaks to you in a way that makes you seem like you don’t know what’s going on with your own vehicle… it’s probably best to just hang up the phone now. How this conversation goes is a sneak peek to how your whole auto shop experience will be!

The Work Area

Would you take your children to daycare without seeing the classroom? Of course not!

You want to be able to see the workspace where your vehicle will be at. Disorganization, mechanics standing around, general laziness are not good signs that you’re a top priority on their to-do lists.

Shop Reviews

This is a MUST! What kind of experiences have other folks in your area had? Are they continually expressing the concern of one person or problem? Is the auto repair shop responding and taking responsibility for any wrongdoings that may have occurred? The combination of all these things can show consumers how well the business is being taken care of. You should also look to see if a company has customer testimonials too!

There can be many options when you’re looking for an auto repair shop, especially in a town like Colorado Springs that is constantly growing! It’s okay to initially feel overwhelmed but start by simply calling your top choices or use the Contact Us tab on most company’s websites.

We encourage you to take the extra couple of minutes to do some solid research. Sometimes the big named companies aren’t always the best option for you and your needs.  If you’re looking for honest work and people, check out Patriot Auto Repair. We’re local and veteran-owned, your business matters to us!